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Luis Suarez, MBA, CMQ/OE
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Luis Suarez is the founder and principal consultant for his company TechGopher LLC. Luis has over 20 years of experience in multiple facets of product and service development, provisioning and quality management including:


  • 13 years with Schlumberger that included roles in product design, engineering and manufacturing as well as developing and implementing quality management processes based on ISO 9001. Luis successfully adapted and provided value for locations in USA, France, Norway and Singapore.

  • 6 years with BP managing supplier quality for upstream suppliers for the Gulf of Mexico operations and leading cause analysis for drilling and completion operations in the western hemisphere.

  • Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) and Certified Manager of Quality/ Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE) certifications from the American Society for Quality (ASQ)

  • Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University

  • MBA in Supply Chain Management from Arizona State University


Now leading his own company, Luis’ knowledge, experience and skills offer customers an opportunity to use first-rate quality management consulting for critical management system improvement needs.


Client organizations that are capable to push the value proposition envelope as part of their competitive advantage.


Build a valuable service by helping organizations increase their profitability and reduce risk by leveraging the quality management system.


Our ASQ CQA and CMQ/OE certified professionals provide consulting services to support many phases of

the development and maintenance of your quality management system.

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